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The Sanctuary of the Blessed!

The Nations for Christ Evangelical and Healing Ministry was established on the 1st of January 2017. Prior to this date, the man of God–Apostle Lanre Aluko who had been a brilliant and accomplished entrepreneur overseeing his businesses in the Netherlands (Europe) for almost 20 years received the call from God to proceed to Nigeria and establish this ministry. 

Apostle Aluko’s obedience in response to the voice and calling of God upon his life to do the work of the Lord triggered the start-up of a fellowship named the “Holy Ghost Prayer centre” on the 20th March, 2015, solely dedicated to Prayers. The first service was held between 5-6pm (Sundays) in the living room at his residence situated at No 10, Amadasun close, Palm Crescent Estate, Badore, Ajah, Lagos. Nigeria. Although, this fellowship started with only the five members of Apostle Lanre Aluko’s immediate household, nevertheless, the Lord God continues to bring people from all-works-of-life as would be added to the population of this holy gathering to the glory of His Holy name.

We couldn’t deny the overwhelming presence of God that we strongly experienced in this rapidly growing ‘breakthrough’ fellowship centre, as we consistently witness the steady demonstration of the divine touch of God accompanied by miraculous signs and wonders. And JEHOVAH GOD continually favoured His people with the manifestation of His divine presence and power, prophetic ministrations through the set-man (Apostle Lanre Aluko) occasioned by many more abounding testimonies of God’s people. The oppressed were delivered, the jobless got employed, those who were not comfortable in their present jobs status were promoted, the lost souls were found and saved, the sick were healed of asthma, chronic diabetes foot ulcers, HIV/AIDs and various other ailments; the singles got their happy homes, the barrens became mothers of Godly children; those seeking God’s divine encounter found Him; and many destinies were transformed by His grace in this unique ‘sanctuary of the blessed’.

“A night with the Lord”, was always a power-packed, Holy Ghost-filled Friday vigils. As this Holy Ghost Prayer Centre ultimately transformed into “Nations for Christ Healing and Evangelical Ministry” (a.k.a. Nations for Christ International Church) on the 1st of January 2017; the building project of the current worship centre with capacity to accommodate hundreds of worshipers from all works of life also evolved.

By the grace of God, the Apostolic mandate upon the General Overseer (Apostle Lanre Aluko) which has prompted his commitment to raise disciples-for-Christ; evangelical and healing obligations to heal the sick, deliver the oppressed and set at liberty the captives; ‘tender-heart’ caring for the widows, orphans, the less-privileged; and also raising believers (men and women) towards establishing churches all over the world could not be over-emphasised. Presently, the National Headquarters of this Church is situated in Ajah-Lagos, Nigeria.


We are committed to unity, liberty, and love in Jesus Christ